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Revit Basic

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This Revit Basic course will give you an overall introduction to the basic concepts and workflows in Autodesk Revit. We will start with the user interface, the most important tools and prepare you to develop your own projects in Revit.

Course content for Revit Basic:

  • Gain a better understanding of BIM and Revit workflows
  • Explore and understand the user interface in Revit
  • Experience the essential tools and their uses
  • An introduction to the modelling techniques in Revit
  • Learn how to add new components (Families)
  • Learn how to navigate an existing model and how to make changes in it
  • Create 2D & 3D drawings
  • Create a simple project in Revit

Expected outcome
After completing this course, you will have gained knowledge regarding the basic concepts and workflows in Revit. You will be able to create and navigate simple building projects. You will understand and experience the advantages that Autodesk Revit can bring to your projects.

After the course you will receive an official Autodesk Certificate.

No previous knowledge of Revit is required. Some knowledge regarding building design is preferable.

Target Group
Architects, constructing architects, engineers, project managers, technical assistants, designers and others that requires a basic introduction to Autodesk Revit.

2 days.

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Symetri A/S Robert Jacobsens vej 70, 1 2300 København S
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