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Dynamo (ENG)

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This Dynamo Essentials course is multi-disciplinary, suitable for Revit users working in architecture, building services, structural engineering.

Course content for Dynamo Essentials:

  • Get started with Dynamo
  • Understand and work with the Dynamo user interface
  • Understand the anatomy of a definition
  • What is a list in Dynamo? What is a nested list?
  • Rather than writing code, drag and drop €œnodes" onto your Dynamo canvas
  • Connect your nodes with "wires" to create your program visually
  • Take advantage of the Dynamo Library - Revit time savers that are free and ready for you to use
  • Understand and use packages
  • Understand data types
  • Understand lists
  • Use code blocks
  • Use layout and groups
  • Pull object data from Revit into the Dynamo environment
  • Control family types and parameters using Dynamo
  • Automate the placing of Revit families
  • Push data from Dynamo or external sources into Revit elements
  • Use Dynamo to manage and maintain object data
  • Use Dynamo to improve 3D modelling geometry
  • Make Dynamo more accessible in your day-to-day workflows 

Expected outcome
As a result of attending this training you will understand new ways to approach complex design problems, program using visual programming and learn practical uses of Dynamo and use it in your everyday Revit workflows.
After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Target Group
All Revit users.

1 day.

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Jeanett Brøsch
Customer Development Manager
+45 40 77 74 78 jeanett.brosch@symetri.com


Symetri A/S Robert Jacobsens vej 70, 1 2300 København S
Københavns Kommune

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