Gratis webinar: Digital Factory Mapping (engelsk webinar)

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Learn how to identify and quantify the highest potential production improvements that can be captured through digitalisation.

To be able to translate the digitalisation of production into actual value is fundamental for all manufacturers that build their competitive advantage on the performance of their production operations. But where do you start? What are your “low-hanging fruits” and long-term potentials? What is their business value?

The Digital Factory Mapping takes advantage of state-of-the-art knowledge to maximise the value you can get out of your production equipment by identifying the digitalisation projects with the highest potentials.

What you will get from the webinar

  • Learn how you can map your production operations both from a physical and digital perspective
  • Learn how you can use this new mapping to identify production improvement opportunities enabled by digitalisation
  • Learn how you can quantify the potentials of the identified production improvement opportunities
  • See a real industrial example of the Digital Factory Mapping – its process and part of its outcome.




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