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Energi Viborg Kraftvarme A/S

Execution of hot gas path inspection

Energi Viborg Kraftvarme A/S

Opgavebeskrivelse SCOPE:

Energi Viborg Kraftvarme A/S' (hereinafter "Energi Viborg" or "EVK") hereby calls for tenders for the execution of:

- Hot Gas Path Inspection (HGPI).

The tendered contract (hereinafter "the Contract") is to be carried out in the period 1 September 2020 to 30 September 2020 ("Period of Performance").

Additionally, the Contract covers the below service ("Option"):

- Inspection of BHS Gear from BHS-Voith Getriebetechnik GmbH.

Energi Viborg is not obligated to exercise the Option.


The tender procedure is conducted as an "advertised tender" (Annonceringsudbud) in accordance with section IV of the Danish Procurement Act . The procedure is described in detail in Tender Conditions, section 3.3, and entails the below main activities:

- All companies may submit a tender. NB: Only tenderers that fulfil the minimum requirements for suitability will be considered for the Contract.

- Upon expiry of the initial tender deadline, Energi Viborg may decide to award the Contract. Alternatively, Energi Viborg will initiate negotiations with the tenderers that meet the minimum requirements for suitability.

- Upon expiry of the final tender deadline (and following negotiations), Energi Viborg expects to award the Contract to the tenderer who has submitted the tender with the lowest price.

Energi Viborg has chosen to use the electronic supply system www.udbuddet.dk to the completion of this tender. Tenderer must create a free profile on www.udbuddet.dk to participate in the process. After creating a profile, the tenderer will receive a login and have free access to the tender process.
Annonceret 11. oktober 2019 12:00:00 CEST
Deadline 26. november 2019 12:00:00 CET
Udbudstype Mindre danske udbud
Opgavetype Tjenesteydelser
Udbudsform Andet
CPV kode 42113300, 42112300, 51133100
Myndighedstype Andet

Dokumenter & materiale

Link til udbudsmateriale https://www.udbuddet.dk/ethics/eo#/d76c1f10-aa9e-4572-af00-754945bd2a3a/homepage

Tildelings- og udvælgelseskriterier

Tildelingskriterier Laveste pris
Uddybning af tildelingskriterier The Contract will be awarded to the tender with the lowest price.
Udvælgelseskriterier The tenderer must meet certain minimum requirements to economic and financial standing and technical and professional ability. These can be seen in the Tender Conditions, section 2.


Navn Kristen Helms Skov
Telefon +45 33344000
E-mail khs@horten.dk


Navn Energi Viborg Kraftvarme A/S
Adresse Industrivej 40
8800 Viborg
Telefon +45 89292929
E-mail kraftvarme@energiviborg.dk
WWW https://www.energiviborg.dk/

Modtager af tilbud

Navn Horten Advokatpartnerselskab
Adresse for modtagelse af tilbud The tender shall be submitted via www.udbuddet.dk.


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