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High speed grinding - market dialogue


High Speed Grinding – Market Dialogue Banedanmark wishes to issue a tender for High Speed Grinding. Banedanmark therefore initiates this market dialogue in order to ensure that Banedanmark is aware of the current market development and the number of suppliers that can take on this task with the following requirements. Specifications/ requirements:
- The method excels by being performed with approximately 80 km/h which means the grinding can take place during normal traffic. The grinding will take place in shifts of 10 – 12 hours.
- It is a requirement that the method can be carried out on sections with curves of more than a radius of 2000 m.
- The High Speed Grinder should be able to grind up to 0, 14 millimeters within 3 passages.
- It should not be required to remove the axlecounters when grinding.
- A reprofiling of the railhead is not required.
- The grinder is not required to be self-propelled.

If any potential supplier of High Speed Grinding wishes to engage in a market dialogue, we urge you to write to Abbas Saeed, absa@bane.dk, no later than the 23rd of April 2018. Banedanmark will hereafter send relevant suppliers a written questionnaire.

A market dialogue about High Speed Grinding. Banedanmark wishes to get further information about the market.
Att. Abbas Saeed (Contract Manager)
tlf. +45 25183258
mail absa@bane.dk

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