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05.08.2021 Kl. 10:00


DIN Forsyning A/S

Lot K07 - Cooling of district heating, and heat treatment system

DIN Forsyning A/S

Opgavebeskrivelse The Tender consists of a complete heat exchanger system, which will provide cooling of district heating water from approximately 33 degrees Celsius to two degrees above sea water temper-ature. The Heat exchanger system will also provide heat treatment by heating recipient water from approximately 26 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius by using the hot district heating water with a temperature ranging from 78 to 90 degrees Celsius.

Included in the delivery, the Contractor must take the full responsibility of the project and calculations, to ensure the best quality possible in all aspects of the project.
Annonceret 17. juni 2021 18:00:00 CEST
Deadline 5. august 2021 10:00:00 CEST
Udbudstype Mindre danske udbud
Opgavetype Bygge- og anlægsopgaver
Udbudsform Offentlig licitation
CPV kode 45251000, 42500000, 42510000
Myndighedstype Andet

Dokumenter & materiale

Link til udbudsmateriale http://eu.eu-supply.com/ctm/Supplier/PublicPurchase/304712

Tildelings- og udvælgelseskriterier

Tildelingskriterier Økonomisk mest fordelagtige bud
Uddybning af tildelingskriterier Economy (30%), Technical solution (50%), Project solution (20%)
Udvælgelseskriterier ‘Solvency Ratio’ for the last three (3) closed financial years at the time of the initial tender deadline.

‘Solvency ratio’ must be calculated/determined in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act:

‘Solvency ratio’ = ‘Shareholder’s equity’/ Total assets * 100
It is a minimum requirement that the ‘Solvency Ratio’ amounts to an average of 10 percent for the last three (3) closed financial years. The solvency ratio must not be negative for any of the last three (3) closed financial years.

The Tenderer must provide minimum three (3) and up to five (5) references which are delivered, and the Tenderer finds most comparable with this invitation to tender, see section 1.4.

If more references are provided, DIN Forsyning Varme A/S will only assess the five (5) latest references. Latest references mean delivered references. If more references are provided, DIN Forsyning Varme A/S will (where relevant) assess the references with the latest commencement date.

The references must have been delivered within the last five (5) years calculated from the date of expiry of the deadline for initial tender.

DIN Forsyning Varme A/S will disregard references concluded more than five (5) years before the deadline for initial tender.

The references must contain the following:
1. Description: Description of the reference(s) with focus on the elements which make the reference comparable to this tender, and compliant with the minimum requirements, see the last bullet. The description may also contain information about the period(s) in which the assignment has been performed (start and conclusion dates).

2. Amount: The value of the assignment(s) in DKK, i.e. the amount paid by the customer for the performance of the assignment(s).
3. Date: Date for start-up (commencement date) and date for completion (conclusion date) of the most recent assignment listed under ‘Description’. For references which have not yet been concluded, the field ‘conclusion date’ is left blank/empty. 4. Recipients: Customer name incl. contact person and contact person’s telephone number.

Minimum requirement
It is a minimum requirement, that the Tenderer provide minimum three (3) comparable references which must have been delivered within the last five (5) years calculated from the date of expiry of the deadline for initial tender.
The minimum requirement can be met by the three (3) references containing the above tasks or by a combination of references from several customers, though maximum 5, as long as the references together prove that each of the mentioned tasks has been performed for at least three (3) recipients.
The Contracting Authority understands the following with comparable references:
The reference must include preassembled units containing pumps and plate heat exchanger assemblies including valves and interconnecting piping.


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