Helicopter landing officer (hlo)

Løbende optagelse

To train personnel intended to work offshore in the basic skills and knowledge in working with offshore helicopters.


Course Content
  • Preparation of a helicopter landing deck prior, during and after the helicopter operation
  • Use of visual means of communication
  • Various types of helicopters operating offshore
  • Aero technical problems on a helicopter landing deck
  • The forms to be filled out in connection with helicopter traffic operations
  • Procedures regarding dangerous goods
  • Quality control of helicopter fuel and execute refuelling
  • Firefighting and lifesaving equipment being present and functional
  • Firefighting and safety techniques in the event of a helicopter crash
  • Firefighting in the event of fires occurring while the helicopter is refuelling
  • During firefighting to co-operate about the rescue of helicopter crew and passengers
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS No admission requirements. DURATION Maximum 12 participants

Course Objectives To give the participant basic knowledge and skills of helicopter safety, enabling the trainee to operate as a HLO on an offshore installation, under normal conditions, as well as in an emergency situation

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